Vibram FiveFinger KSO’s

My goal in starting to run was to do it Minimalist.  I figured, why do the same thing everyone else does, when from the very start I can go a new direction ?

These are the VFF’s I bought in…summer of 2010 ?  Got them from the MEC in North Vancouver.



This pic, and the one below, were taken in May of 2013 when I finally retired them.

VFF KSO sole

VFF KSO sole

They had been a great pair of shoes.  I wore them to Crossfit (another member there wore them, which was what caught my notice).  Did Olympic lifting in them, short sprints, jump rope, a lot of box jumps…  Without artificial padding and chamber-cushioned heels, I really felt stable and anchored to the ground, in them.

Unfortunately with running, the soles started to wear out.  In the pic above, one can make out a quarter-sized hole in the sole just back from the little toe.  I tried patching from the inside with trusty duct-tape, but it wasn’t a fix that would last.

I didn’t have a problem adopting the requisite forefoot-stride one needs in Minimalist footwear.  That’s usually the first question that comes up.

“What about rocks?” people will ask.

“Don’t step on them,” is my usual reply.

“Doesn’t it hurt / feel weird to run almost barefoot?”

“Humans and our predecessors did it for three million years.  Feet are meant for it; the body just needs time to remember.”



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