Purple-K Creatine Tabs

I wanted to add Creatine to my supplement list, but I didn’t want a jobber one.  The main complaint one reads about Creatine is the supposed “waste” of the material through lack of absorption or solubility.

Back when I was at Crossfit and really looking to build muscle, I has sought the advice of my good friend {SR}.  {SR} isn’t the biggest of my friends in terms of bodybuilding size, but he has that solid “tough guy” build.

This was his recommendation :

Purple K Creatine

Purple K Creatine

Reasonably priced, and a box of 100 will last twenty sessions at my consumption rate of [2 pre-workout, 2 post-workout, 1 next morning].

Purple K Creatine label

Purple K Creatine label

Now, I’ll admit, I’m a price-and-availability whore.  If Popeyes Supplements has what I want at a better price (and I have their Popeyes Bucks) I’ll buy there.  If GNC has it for a better price and I have an active Gold Card, I’ll buy there.

By the same token, I discovered a similar product called Kre-Alkalyn, made by Ultimate Nutrition.  Same dose size, and guess what, same patent number on the ‘buffered Creatine Monohydrate’.  So it’s the same stuff.  So when price and availability differ, either one wins.  I play no favorites for brand.

I don’t recall when I started dosing with Purple K in the Learn To Run program; I’ll mention it when I come across it in my run notes.  I noticed a bump in performance on the first and second use, then after that, nothing unusual but improved recoveries after runs.



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