GymBoss Interval Timer

When running intervals, one is wise to have an Interval  Timer.

GymBoss Interval Timer

GymBoss Interval Timer

I bought this from FitnessTown in January 2013.  Was on sale I think, $20 regular $25 or $30.

Wonderful little device.  The size of a pager (wow, that doesn’t age me at all) or about 1″ by 1.5″, it has a clip on the back and also fits nicely in the hand.  It can be set to one or two time intervals and for up to 99 rounds.  Three beep-volume settings.  I have it on the middle setting and can hear it past the music I have on the iPod.

Only problems are that it’s a bitch to stop or pause, so once the interval set is going, it’s going.  And it could really use a back-light for the display.  When night-running I have to wait until I’m under a street-light to read it.

Very versatile.  I have used this to time rounds on the speed-bag I have in my garage, and for food cooking on the BBQ.  Set it to 2:30 for each side, 0:10 for each flip, and 4 rounds, and you’ll end up with a nice mid-rare to medium steak with that cross-hatch grill pattern we love.

I was an idiot and set it ‘glass-down’ on the concrete front steps after a run one day, picked it up and discovered I’d put a scratch on the plastic window.  Other than that, it’s still going strong, no ill effects from heat, cold, or rain.



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