Dymatize Xpand Extreme Pump

Beside recommending Purple K to me, my friend {SR} had assisted me in selecting from among the seemingly thousands of different pre- and mid-workout supplementation powders out there.

He was a fan of this one, and now I am, too :

Dymatize Xpand Extreme Pump

Dymatize Xpand Extreme Pump

Should be noted that I’m a fan of the (very tart) ORANGE flavour.  I have not tried the “Fruit Punch” as pictured, but I have tried the BLACK CHERRY in this or a related product line, and it was…interesting.  {Diwali} says the ORANGE flavour (which tastes much like Tang), smells like the sugar drink she had to ingest for gestational-diabetes screening during her pregnancies.

Xpand’s magic ?

Dymatize Xpand Extreme Pump label

Dymatize Xpand Extreme Pump label

The keen observer will note the presence of Creatine, begging the question why I dose with Purple K if this contains…yes, I know, I know.  This will not be the last of the Little Mysteries Of Me.

Also noteworthy is that this does not contain Caffeine; some runners swear by caffeine as a boost, other people like myself question the value of spiking-up with a stimulant like that.  {SR} didn’t dig it and neither do I.  Also I’m not a big soda drinker and I don’t drink coffee at all (never have) so its effects on me would be strong and not likely beneficial.

In my Crossfit days, I would make a pre-workout shake consisting of Creatine Monohydrate powder, Branch-Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) powder, L-Glutamine powder, and Beta Alanine powder.  That’s a lot of separate tubs of powder.  Xpand Extreme Pump became my all-in-one replacement for those.

I have some strange adaptive condition where supplements have a very strong initial effect on me, then my body quickly becomes used to them and their effects are never as great.  Xpand certainly fit that bill, though it still remains a useful pre-workout drink.



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