Week Three, Session 1

Thursday February 21, 2013.

At 7:30 in the morning on their birthday, most people would stay in bed.  Instead, here’s what I did.

It was cold and raining and unpleasant, but I finished it.  And those 3-minute intervals !  What hellish torment those seemed; which seems funny now that 3-minute runs have become a comfortable “light session” in my current place in the program.

Each interval was a half-kilometer or better.  It is difficult to express how major an accomplishment this was for me.  Besides not-quitting in those last two rounds (and six months on as I write this, I remember them clearly), I ran a total of 21 minutes to post nearly 4 kilometers.  Those numbers would have seemed impossible even a few months before this.

Happy b-day, Self.



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