Video iPod

In the first few weeks of the Learn to Run program, I was running without music.  Turns out this wasn’t the best idea.  For safety, sure, it’s good to have a sense of your surroundings.  But when all you can hear is your own (laboured) breathing and the mind-numbing repetition of Vibram soles on pavement, the mind starts working against you.

My device of distraction :

Video iPod

Video iPod

This was a Christmas gift from {Diwali} in, perhaps, 2006 ?  Maybe 2005 ?  I would guess it 2nd Gen for the Video iPod, and I think she’s a 64-Gb.  I marvel at the technology.  I owned a powder-blue Sony Walkman in the ’80s so I appreciate the cosmic leap this device represents.

I know people tend to toss aside old-gen devices when the newest, shiniest and incrementally-advanced version comes out, but not me.  Most tech never gets used to its fullest before being outdated, and I feel sorry for it, in a strange way.  Phones, consoles, everything Apple makes…brief moments in the sun.

Besides working brilliantly and being my source of music away from corporate FM radio, this iPod had another critical purpose…  It distracts my brain during runs.  When there is music playing and I am removed, in a sense, from complete awareness of what I am doing, I find it easier to run.  That I am not fixated on breathing, fatigue, soreness, even that there is still a 1:17 left to run of a given interval, helps a lot.

I start a Playlist, zip up the jacket pocket, and begin.  Soundtrack to a running life, indeed.



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