Wild Rose Cleanse

On February 25, 2013, {Diwali} and I started a 10-day dietary cleanse, called the Wild Rose program.

It was {Diwali}’s idea and I came along for the ride.  She wanted to do it as a kickoff to a weight-loss drive, and being as I’m always in the mood for self-improvement (after a fashion) I agreed to do it with her.

The program is simple to understand but tricky to follow.  There are three sets of tables to take daily, as well as a liquid solution added to a glass of water and drank with each meal.  The cleanse itself strictly limits the types of food one may eat.  Vinegar, refined sugars, soy, dairy, seafood, tropical fruits, bread/wheat/gluten, fungi, yeast, many carbohydrates – all these are among the “none of” list for the diet portion.

Basically it’s ten days of lots of almonds, walnuts, vegetables and domestic (but un-dried) fruits, lean grilled meats.  We ate well, if on the bland side (every sauce and topping contains a forbidden component) and by the end of it I was happy to get back the likes of mustard, BBQ sauce, and cheese.

To the question of “do you end up SOYA* all the time?” the answer was no, it doesn’t trigger an urge to “cut a LP** record” every half-hour.  That seems the first question and primary concern of many we talked to about it.

I came away from it feeling very good.  I lost the usual sugar urges that would follow a meal, especially starchy meals like pasta.  And I have stayed off wheat/bread/gluten, even to now.  That change has been significant.  I don’t think I am or was Celiac, but dropping >98% of gluten from my diet has improved my digestion to an amazing degree.  Just unfortunate that the food industry reads “gluten-free” as secret code for “charge CDN$9 for six G-free coconut cookies”.

Between this cleanse, and running, I have realized a stable 15-lb weight loss from where I was in January.  That and learning I am gluten-intolerant made it a worthwhile effort.



* Shitting Out Your Ass

** Loaf-Pinching



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