Week Four, Session 1b (bridge)

Saturday March 16, 2013.

This is the first of a few “bridge” Weeks I have added to the Learn to Run program.  We’ll recall that Week Four Session 3 was 12 minutes of running on a 6 x {2-min run, 3-min walk} pattern.

As written, Week Five Session 1 would call for 27 minutes of running : 9 x {3-min run, 1-min walk}.  The program authors are out of their gat-damn’d minds if they think I’m about to double my running time.  Not to say that I know better…but I’ve heard the maxim not to increase one’s running load more than 10% in a week, and certainly not to do so when running Minimalist.

So, this bridge week sees me repeating Week Four Session 3.  Also it’d been six days since the last run.

A cold and rainy day, as I recall.

Now, what is most interesting about this run is that it was conducted at a local high school’s oval running track.  For one it gives me an idea of my general pacing when removing incline and decline as factors.  But most notably – look at the Total Ascent and Total Descent columns.

This is a flat track.  Where was the GPS getting these values ?

Let alone some curious readings, especially in Lap 4 when for 19 seconds I was apparently moving at a speed 3x slower than my walking pace.

Let’s call it “unusual atmospheric conditions”.



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