Playlist “Concordia”

This was the first playlist I built in iTunes and uploaded to my iPod for running.



Opening with Baba O’Riley‘s a bit of a nod to” American Beauty”.  Friends of mine, specifically {Mattress}, are not fans of Cornell’s post-Soundgarden work but I thought the title sequence to “Casino Royale” was solid.  Midnight Oil; maybe my favorite song of theirs.

It’s all about the beat and the rhythm.  The songs have to distract me, pump me up.  James Bond themes work very well for this.

AC/DC and their thinly (and by ‘thinly’ I mean ‘not at all’) veiled double-meanings.  Matt Good; I try to find a place on my playlists for at least one of his.  Early Tragically Hip.  You want a room full of my friends to each say something different, you ask out loud which is the best Hip album.  In God’s Country; I don’t know why but I always think it’s a song about Australia (from an Irish band).  And finish with some Halen.

This playlist, as with all the others, is named after sci-fi ships.  The TCS Concordia was this girl, setting for “Wing Commander II” that we used to play on {E-Money}’s smokin’-fast 486-66Mhz PC circa 1989.

TCS Concordia (WC-II)

TCS Concordia (WC-II)



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