{Diwali} and I have run together exactly once.

I don’t remember precisely when this was.  No doubt it’ll come up in my run notes as I post previous sessions.  It was likely a Wednesday when the children were at her parents’ house, and with the evening to our own devices we decided to run together.

Was not sure how this was going to go.  {Diwali} has run half-marathons and (pre-children) used to knock down 15-17km runs as “a decent Tuesday effort”.  I, at this point, was probably two or three months in and still in the 2-3 min running intervals.

As we walked to warm up, we arranged that we would run at the pace of the faster person.  We’d never seen the other run so we had no idea how our paces would compare.  I was going to do 2-min run, 1-min walk intervals and she intended to do straight running, maybe 6-min at a go if she felt up to it.

We got to an open, straight stretch of road.  I started the GymBoss interval timer and the GPS, and started running.  I didn’t have the iPod with me, and with my hearing clear I could hear {Diwali} not far behind me for that first 2-min segment, perhaps only 5-10 feet back.  This was working just fine.

The road we were on had a 4-way stop up ahead.  So-happened that here was where my interval expired, after two minutes and about 400m at my usual pace.  Slowing to a walk, I turn and look back.

{Diwali}’s probably 200m behind me, and was the whole time.  What I thought was the sound of her behind me, was actually the sound of my jacket’s hood flopping against my back.  Which, absent the usual iPod, I’d not noticed before.

What this run became, was me running for 2 minutes, turning around and walking back towards her for 50 seconds, me walking beside her for 10 seconds as she was still running the whole time, then my walking interval expiring and me leapfrogging ahead again.  This cycle precessed to the point where she was too far behind for me to walk back in a minute.  After 3-4 rounds we lost contact, and ended up meeting back at home 20 minutes later.

So given our sliiiight difference in pace, we’ve not tried again.



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