Playlist “Cygnus”

Another playlist I use.



This playlist is kind of a strange one for me.  Honestly I don’t use it that often, of the (currently) 18 playlists I have available.  It has good stuff in it, don’t get me wrong – just that the ~9 min opening track is not a fire-starter (tho it is good) and that usually sways me against choosing it when setting out on a run circuit.

Bad Touch, Pressure, Big Time, Creeping Death(-ah) do the job.  I suspect the  anchoring addition of AC/DC’s Shake Your Foundations might have been an iTunes error on my part (what would possess me to follow a mellow ‘closer’ by Aimee Mann with an ass-kicker?) but I kept it as-is.  Struggled to get Eleanor Rigby‘s volume levels right.  Stock as-is, imported from the remastered Greatest Hits disc set from 10+ years back, it’s frickin’ loud.  Not Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” album-loud, but enough that before I made a point of listen-testing volume levels before using playlists, it was a “pull the earbuds out mid-stride” kind of emergency.

U.S.S Cygnus, from “The Black Hole”, is the namesake.  One hopes that the upcoming remake of the film re-engineers the ship to look less like a horizontal Eiffel Tower; and that the writer(s) get the physics of a black hole and event horizon a whole lot more accurate.

USS Cygnus ("The Black Hole")

USS Cygnus (“The Black Hole”)



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