Playlist “Phoenix”

A reliable go-to set of songs.



I mentioned before about James Bond themes.  Some would not call Tim Dalton the best (or even the not-worst) 007, and “The Living Daylights” represented a change of tone of the franchise away from Roger Moore’s smirking Bond to Dalton’s much darker take on the character.  But the title track to the movie is, to my mind, one of the best of the 007 films.  And what can I say ?  I kinda dig A-ha‘s songs.

The Distance is one of the few cliche’d songs I put in any of my playlists.  You’ll not find a lot of running-themed tracks as my choices, as that kind of cheeseballery went out the door with making mix-tapes for girls when I was (admittedly) 16 years old.

One can count on ELO for a good beat.  And I am hard-pressed to hear Gimme Shelter and not think of this amazing TV spot for Call of Duty : Black Ops.  SLAYER is a necessity (SLAYER is the ONLY band) and to close up with DethKlök just felt right.

This playlist is named after one of my favorite sci-fi ships as a kid; the Phoenix from “Battle of the Planets” (or “G-Force”, if you will).

Phoenix ("Battle of the Planets")

Phoenix (“Battle of the Planets”)



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