Playlist “Sulaco”

A playlist for any weather.



Leave it to Quentin Tarantino to dust off an obscure Bowie track, put it in one of his movies, and drive up the song’s popularity on both YouTube and iTunes.  Fire Woman is another song on iPod that reminds me I need to check the volume levels; it was a loud one.  Former Prime Minister Gordon Lightfoot found a place, even if his music is a bit on the low-energy folk end of the spectrum.

Guster is a band discovered by one of my best friends, {47903}.  Since we were teenagers he’s always had a great knack for discovering great music before everyone else did.  I credit him for bringing Our Lady Peace (when they were still good), the Tragically Hip, the Smashing Pumpkins, Matthew Good Band into my sphere of awareness.

The only Oasis song I like is D’You Know What I Mean, and it seemed to get no radio play (perhaps the ~8-min track time is why) tho it did have a music video.  Their other tracks either struck me as ‘too Beatles’ and/or horribly overplayed.

One of the true delights is seeing Blue Rodeo perform Hasn’t Hit Me Yet in concert.  I have probably seen them…eight times, live ?  5-6 times at the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park, and 2-3 times at indoor venues.  They are {Diwali}’s favorite, and now one of mine, too.  It’s an audience-participation song and it’s consistently fantastic.

I notice that before a little “zed zed top” and Elvis, I used U2’s In God’s Country again on this playlist.  When you like something, you like it.

This playlist is named after the Colonial Marines’ ship in “Aliens”.

U.S.S. Sulaco ("Aliens")

USS Sulaco (“Aliens”)



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