Playlist “Discovery”

It’s important to have a playlist you can depend on.



Beginning with a Matt Good track is always a good idea.  Radiohead and Soundgarden keep me going through the rough first couple rounds and the walking intermission between.  Eazy-E is just fun, and this track always comes up when I need a smile.

Went with {Eazy T} and {Baron von B} to the Megadeth-SLAYER show in Vancouver back on June 24, 2009.  For those fans of GUITAR HERO, I assure you – Mustaine scored 100% on Veteran Difficulty when they played Hangar 18.  And I just noticed that “Hangar” is spelled wrong in the tracks list.  Gods-damn, you simply cannot trust the tagging on downloaded music any more.

Beat It has a catchy rhythm to it, and running seems all about commitment to cadence.  I do think MJ did all that dodgey business at Neverland what made the news; but this track predates the ped stuff so I can self-justify.

Might just have been coincidental timing, but seems I’m always using this playlist on short runs and so barely make it past Monkey Man by the time the session is ended.

CREDIT where CREDIT is due…on April 11, 1992 I had been hanging out one Saturday with my good friend {SR} (we were in Grade 10 at the time).  He said, “Man, I gotta make sure to watch SNL tonight.  There’s this awesome new band I’ve been hearing about and they’re the musical guest.  Someone called ‘Pearl Jam’.”  {47903} introduced me to a lot of great music in the 1990’s, but {SR} gets the nod for First Mention Of Pearl Jam.

Last track on the playlist, Fearless, always reminds me of when {Diwali} and I first started dating.  I don’t know if she knows.  I hear it and I flash back to those wild, heart-surging early days when everything was new and uncertain.

The playlist is named for the ship from “2001 : A Space Odyssey”.

Discovery, "2001 : A Space Odyssey"

Discovery (“2001 : A Space Odyssey”)




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