Week Six, Session 3

Sunday April 14, 2013.

After this session, did a run of about 500m.  Must be careful with the GPS watch.  During this 500m run I brushed the buttons on the face of the device and accidentally paused recording or queue’d up a new Lap.  It’s all too easy to pooch up data recording on that thing.  Do not want to lose numbers !

This was a nice, warm Sunday.  Warmth in a way that would suggest a hot summer (which we certainly would go on to have).

This route took me the furthest south I have been in my usual territory.  Unfortunately the road I was running along is a main thrufare for north Langley, and is under construction.  The sidewalks are nonexistent and there is gravel everywhere.  At least one really bad rock-strike in this run, and a lot of deke-ing and weaving to avoid others.  Close proximity to traffic as well.  Not a fan.

During this run was the first notice of a tweak in my left hip joint, on the outside.  Not painful, just a pestering annoyance messing with my stride.  Top of my right foot was sore, too.



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