Playlist “Battlestar Pegasus”

Alphabetically the first among many.

Battlestar Pegasus

Battlestar Pegasus

The opening track is the intro song of the movie “Conan the Barbarian” (the original one, not the remake).  It’s slow to start but when it gets going, one feels the urge to hoist steel and face down an army.  If anyone asks a maxim by which someone gauges if I like a Springsteen song, know that if Bruce sounds like he’s singing the song drunk (Born to Run being a good example), then I don’t dig it.  Tunnel of Love is excellent.  I would say Brilliant Disguise likely my favorite of any of his.

All in all, this playlist has a good average of what I like in a playlist; some short songs, some long, all catchy, some loud (Manson and SLAYER).  Would that I had been into Spirit of the West half my lifetime ago.

The playlist is not named for the Galactica, as I am not one to play to cliches.  Instead, I went a nudge off the map and chose the Pegasus, from the amazing BSG reinvention of last decade.

Battlestar Pegasus ("Battlestar Galactica")

Battlestar Pegasus (“Battlestar Galactica”)



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