Playlist “Planet Express”

Not to be underestimated.

Planet Express

Planet Express

If this is not the shortest playlist by total length in minutes, if certainly feels it.  Three times, at least, I have had the iPod fall silent during the late intervals of a run.  Good opener followed by a VERY VERY loud Bif Naked.  I think I re-tuned this track to a -80% volume in iTunes and even that could use another drop.  The product of someone else’s digitizing a track which I totally did not download from ‘teh Intarwebz’.  The R.E.M. track is a motivator, as is the Manson track.  I discovered Mechanical Animals on a full play-through of that album and liked it.

One is a very significant song for me, necessitating its inclusion even if it isn’t an adrenaline kick.  Matt Good gets an appearance, and close on Loggins.  I think I’d used I’m Alright before in a different playlist.

This playlist is named after an icon ship from a show that was better than it was given credit for, and whose only failing was to have aired at a time when “The Simpsons” was still a rising star.

Planet Express ship ("Futurama")

Planet Express ship (“Futurama”)



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