Week Six, Session 2B (Bridge)

Saturday April 20, 2013.

There’s a saying that combines roads to Hell, paving, and good intentions.

First of all, the numbers.  Two consecutive 1km intervals.  Two 900m+ intervals.  And missing a kilometer in the last interval by THREE LINEAR FEET.  So annoying…!  I am happy to pretend it was a full k but eccentricities in GPS readings due to atmospheric expansion by way of solar CME threw off the distance calculations.

The real downer of this run was what happened after.  My left hip felt fine this time out; what tension I felt before was muted or absent.  I sat down outside after the run, removed the KSO’s and checked the hole in the sole (growing slowly, duct tape barely managing).  When I got up and walked inside, I was hit by SEVERE pain in my right knee.

Not on the sides or the kneecap itself, but below the kneecap.  It was a pain whose magnitude seemed to double with every step; 32 times worse than it was five steps ago.  A very bad sign, and that it came apropos-of-nothing was surprising.  The pain kept me hobbling the rest of the day, and didn’t get any better the next.  I am normally not a pain-reliever kind of guy, but that day I took the legal maximum dose of Advil and hoped for the best.



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