Week 6/7 Injury (4 of 7)

Sunday May 5, 2013.

Hang on – don’t I have an appointment with the doc tomorrow ?

Well, yes I do.  Setting aside pleasure with the stats on this run (much to like, very much to like) there is the fact that I was in a lot of pain in my right leg and right knee after this run.  That’s not smart of me.  I’m obsessing over numbers and missing the big picture.  I’m at least aware of this.

As to the doctor.  Here’s the thing.  Going to the doctor with a minor issue is like going to the mechanic when your car has a random noise…you get in there and swear up-and-down that “it’s totally doing” what there is no immediate evidence that it IS doing.  They’ll believe you, but my experience is that the diagnosis is more specific and more accurate when the problem is more evident and more acute.

So, maybe I push a bit harder than I should, by coincidence the day before I go to the doctor.  Knowing that my aches and pains generally hit the day after a run.  Giving me real, immediate, definitive pains in places that, otherwise, I’d be claiming “do hurt, just not right now.”



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