Playlist “Mockingbird”

There aren’t enough Flying Circuses any more.



Giant is a long opening track, but a good one.  Matt Good’s records were always great for opening strong, and this was the lead track (‘Beautiful Midnight’).  I hear Golden Brown and get the sense I should have just been laid out from a punch by a pikey bareknuckle-boxing champ.

I said before I like Springsteen songs where he doesn’t sound drunk and/or slurred.  I’ll say out loud that I think Brilliant Disguise to be his best song.  Best written if nothing else.  Shake Your Foundations was actually introduced to me by an article in an actual paper-copy of The Onion (this article here).

The playlist is named after Rick Hunter’s fanjet from “Robotech”.  Certainly I could have gone with an easy choice – the SDF-1…the SDF-3…the VF-1S in Battloid mode painted up in Roy Fokker’s Skull-1 colors.  Even the Ikazuchi-class cruisers from Sentinels, which are one of my favorite starship designs.  Nope.  I chose the Mockingbird.

Mockingbird ("Robotech")

Mockingbird (“Robotech”)



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