Week 6/7 Injury (7 of 7)

Wednesday May 15, 2013.

This was the one-and-only married-couple evening run that {Diwali} and I have ever attempted.  I mentioned it here.  Bear in mind she pushes a steady 6-8 min/km pace, and can hold that over 20km at her best.

…so me coming in off an injury, and pushing a 4:46 min/km in the opening round against her slow-and-steady-wins-races ~7 min/km created a bit of a distance between us.

Knee was tight and a bit sore after this run, but not painful.  Apart from trying to run together, and getting split up halfway through, there was another interesting thing that happened this time out.

Near around Lap 6 was a nice section of run.  Sidewalk on a side road that intersects with a major road, but it’s all a slight downhill that becomes a moderate downhill.  Timed properly, this is a great place to make some ground and let gravity win for a while.

Coming around on this side road, I became aware of someone coming up on my “six”.  I thought it was {Diwali} but didn’t look to see.  I didn’t have the iPod with me, and so heard someone.  Then I became aware that it was another runner, outpacing me, and so I shifted aside on the sidewalk to let her pass.

To my surprise, she pulled level with me.  And she asked about my shoes, the Vibram KSO‘s.  How they felt, how running in them was, just casual stuff like that.  I answered pleasantly enough (in my head thinking “Um, kinda running here, trying to focus on breathing and avoiding rock-strikes”) and as it happened, my 2:00 interval was almost up.  I wished her well on her run, she carried on, and I set to walking for a minute.  I didn’t catch up to her in the next interval, and actually didn’t see which way she went.

In fact, I really don’t know what she looked like – I’d been so focused on the sidewalk and the threat posed by every crack, rock, and uneven spot that I didn’t see her face so’s I might recognize her again.

So whoever you were, {Mysteryrunner}, I might meet you again ?  {Diwali} says she’s seen her, often doing a second run in the same day as seen having done a first.



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