iPod Touch

Always the Great Inheritor of passed-on technology, I snagged this device for my own use :

iPod Touch

iPod Touch

I don’t know what generation it is.  Once upon a thousand years ago in modern Apple products, this was {Diwali}’s go-to device.  Then she got into other mobile units and the Touch passed on to our children, who would play Paint or Dora The Explora games while we waited for their food order in restaurants.

Then, as with any good device more than a year old, it went into a drawer and gathered dust.

Realizing its potential, I found and charged it, and loaded it with my playlists.  Not my whole iTunes library, just with my specific running music.  Of course, because I’m a PC user (and WIn2000 at that) and Apple knows this from an uncanny distance, in order to get my music from my ancient version of iTunes onto the Touch, I have to jump some hoops and add some convoluted steps.

But it works and it works nicely.  Only problem is where to have this Touch when I’m running.  Tucking it, or the Video iPod, into the waistband of my shorts doesn’t work so well.  When it was cold out I had pockets for this sort of think in my jacket, but come warm weather, it’s harder to carry it and I don’t want to carry it in-hand.

I did come up with a solution.



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