Playlist “Serenity”

‘Firefly’ was an amazing show.



MG opening the list, Marshall batting second.  Have I ranted about Lana Del Rey yet in a Playlist post ?  Doesn’t matter, I’ll go at the topic again.  She’s amazing.  I’d say she’s better than Adele, which some would consider blasphemy, but it’s true.  LDR has an edge to her voice and Adele doesn’t; would that LDR had done the title track to “Skyfall”.  People dump on Del Rey because she had a bad go of SNL that time, as if somehow a single bad performance on a show two decades past its prime is a coup-de-grace for an upstart’s career.  To that end, Sinead O’Connor is also a great artist, so what if she tore up a picture of the Pope.  We’ve still go enough pics of him around.

There.  Rant ended.  Pick up her “Born To Die” disc, it’s solid.

The Zeppelin and Beasties tracks on this playlist are at so low a playback volume that it takes away from their contribution.  Could You Be Loved has that great beat; I could run with that on Repeat.  Same with Urgent.  And the Joe Cocker song makes me think of that Washington State anti-drinking PSA from the early 1990’s.  I looked on YouTube; it’s not there.

I never get to the Wagner track on this playlist.

You know the Serenity :

Serenity ("Firefly")

Serenity (“Firefly”)




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