Week Seven, Session 1

Tuesday July 9, 2013.

Back into normal, as-RX’d programming !

I chose to do the 5k distance as a goal, however many rounds it took me to get there.  So a 25:47 time on a 5k, and this includes the 1-min walking breaks, too.  Then afterwards, I ran another mile (unofficially of course).

Felt really good this time out.  A lot in the ‘tank’ tonight.  Found it easier to keep running than to stop running.  Finally getting the ability to shut off the “stopping reflex” that so often impeded me at the outset of this running program.

3-4 walking breaks in the session, and otherwise the pace was right on track for where I’d want to be in a real 5k.  Set a 5:30-pace “Virtual Partner” on the Garmin GPS and set the device to a 5.00-km distance countdown, and measured out the time intervals with the GymBoss timer.

Complete win.




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