Week Six, Session 2 (Do-Over)

Wednesday June 19, 2013.

Lighter than the last two outings.

Strange progression system, running a 5-min interval set then a 3-min interval set.  Also I’d like to know why the gates on nature-trails have to be offset like this :

Is this a slalom course?

I get that you’re keeping cars out, but why this 2-3′ offset that prevents someone from walking or, let’s say RUNNING, in a straight line through it ?  I have to approach these damned things at a wide angle, far to the left, and try to straight-line and deke through it so’s not to lose speed.  Every time, almost clipping my left hip on the second gate.  And if there’s other foot traffic ?  A jam-up and I’m losing valuable pace.

The gate above is one from my actual route.  At least with the white vehicle-access gate in the far background, you can run straight past it on the left or the right.




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