Playlist “Defiant”

Everyone says “Enterprise” so I thought I’d go a different way.



This is another example of a playlist not so much built on an auditory premise as it is a collection of songs that I like that I hadn’t used anywhere else.  Two 007 theme tracks; a Matt Good song that I never reach because the runs haven’t been long enough; two appearances by Blue Rodeo, easily Canada’s best band.  Come those who will say Tragically Hip – to which I reply that T.Hip have been doing “college music” since after ‘Trouble At The Henhouse’ and even before then were in decline since their arguable peak with ‘Fully Completely’.  Here would be where {Mattress} would interject and promote the Hells out of ‘Day For Night’.

If A View To A Kill isn’t my favorite track from this playlist, the disco god-send of Stayin’ Alive is.

Turning the tide against the Dominion :

U.S.S. Defiant ("ST:DS9")

U.S.S. Defiant (“ST:DS9”)




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