September of 2013

The injury to both my right- and left-foot Achilles tendons, coming on in August and reaching its zenith on 31-Aug, forced a major reset in my progression.

I went to see my doctor this month.  I went in suspecting Achilles Tendonitis (depending on how you spell “tendonitis” / “tendinitis”)(or if it actually exists) but let her come the diagnosis without me saying it first.  I try not to be one of those people who go to the doctor with an opinion lifted off WebMD; or who see an advert on TV for the latest designer drug and decide to “ask my doctor if it’s right for me.”  Doc recommended Physio again, and her office set my up with an appointment with a specialist in New Westminster, for October 28th.

Color Me Rad was coming up on October 5th.  {Diwali} had already paid for our entrance fees, and because [a relatively small amount of money] >> [not adding to a major injury], she was carrying on about whether or not I was actually in for the race.  I said I’d see what I could manage.  WTF.  FML.

On Sunday September 22nd, wearing my old white runners, I went for a 2km walk.  I’d done nothing at all but limp around at work so far that month.  Monday September 23rd, same shoes again, I walked 3km.  Tuesday the 24th, walked 4km.  Thursday September 26th, walked 5km.  Building up slowly, but knowing I needed to get back in form for Oct 5th, a short 9 days away.

Sunday September 29th, again back in the VFF Bikilas, I did a short run.  Exceptionally short.  Walked 500m to an elementary school near my house, and ran 500m back.

Did not feel very good.  Ankles felt decent, but I felt slow and sluggish.

I went back to Physio, on September 30th.  Saw a different therapist this time.  {He’s The herMan} was great the first two times I went.  A different tech, {Wisdom}, was excellent this time around.  Really can’t go wrong at that place.  {Wisdom} had a lot of good ideas for stretches and exercises to loosen and build strength in the Achilles tendons on both sides.  In fact she was going to be running Color Me Rad on Saturday as well.

This week is a real crunch-time.  Though it’s a fun-run, I’m putting a lot of ‘weight’ on how I do Saturday.




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