The Grand Bargain.

Have I mentioned it before ?  I should keep better notes.

The Grand Bargain is a deal I have with my body.  The deal is, it lets me thrash it 1-3 times per week on a run.  I ask for a hill climb, it obliges.  I ask for a burst of speed or a sprint at the end of a session, it accedes.  I push through a twinge or a strain or an obvious injury, it looks the other way for a half-hour.

In exchange, when the run session is done, the body gets to ruin me for the next day or several days.  Soreness, stiffness, limping, muscles and joints turning to concrete when I sit immobile too long, stairs a near-impossibility, the couch or bed a siren-song too powerful to deny.

We seem to understand where each other is coming from.




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