Bonus Night Run in Palm Springs !

I found a second opportunity to run while in Palm Springs !

Now, since the CMR I had kept up with the exercises give me by Physio, even while away on holiday.  Even wrote myself a daily schedule to keep track of all the various movements, and largely stuck to it.  The in-laws “don’t understand” how someone my age could need this kind of stretching/flexing regimen.  Hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t push themselves past their own limitations, concepts like  Grand Bargains or supportive maintenance.

This was Wednesday October 16, 2013.  Exactly 13 years ago on this date, my best friend {47903} graduated from the RCMP.  Exactly 21 years ago on this date, I met a girl I went on to date for five years, {SJL}.  Do I obsess over numbers and dates ?  Perhaps a little.

Went out later than last time, and it was cooler out.  But not cold.  If it was a stagnant heat on Sunday night, this night it was warm and breezy.  Wanted 4km this time and wanted to ease back a bit, so it was 10 rounds of 400m run, 100m walk.  Didn’t feel so great this time as last, really started dragging near the end.

Palm Springs run #2

Palm Springs run #2

Basically the same route as last time.  Bit farther on to the turn-around point, equally as dark out, didn’t take a short cut through low bungalow sub-suburbia.  Some people walking their dogs but as on Sunday, no-one out this late, and certainly not running.

Hadn’t written anything down yet for a distance-based progression, but the thoughts were in mind by this time.

Actually wish I’d had this Google Map when I was in Palm Springs.  See now I could have done a decent loop from South Palm Canyon drive north to La Verne Drive, east to South Camino Real to follow that to Murray Canyon, turn right and be back at the condo.  All told it would likely have been a 5km circuit.

As it was, 4km from this run and 3km off the last one.  End of October was the appointment with the specialist; this would be the last running until then.




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