Playlist “Heart of Gold”

Yet Neil Young’s song isn’t on the list…

Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold

A very long time ago I had in mind to write a sci-fi TV series.  Putting the cart before the horse, I intended to have Deep Six as the theme song.  Never got past notes on the concept and a list of main characters, and in the end “Fringe” did a far better job of a similar concept but a different story.

This playlist is another with no subtle theme to it; more a collection of songs I like that I hadn’t used yet.  I don’t like flying, or heights (huzzah, synergy) but if I had to fly somewhere in a helicopter, I might request a tape player belting out Long Tall Sally**Post a Comment below this entry with the movie referenced there, and win nothing whatsoever**

Wagon Wheel is one of the few songs to which I know all the words and could make a passable, blindfolded go of a karaoke try.  The first version I ever heard of the song was at a Blue Rodeo concert, when guest Dustin Bentall did his cover.  I seldom get to Evangeline.  I really should find out if Matthew Sweet did more records than the one that has Girlfriend on it (possibly named the same).

This playlist is named after the ship from Douglas Adams’s “Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”.  I have not seen the movie, but did enjoy the books.  I did not envision the ship as pictured, in my head when reading.

Heart of Gold ("HGTTG")

Heart of Gold (“HGTTG”)




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