Playlist “Starfury”

Babylon 5 should not be overlooked in the history of great sci-fi.



It is a sad fact that most radio stations (those that play Driver Seat) tend to cut off most of the intro vamp to the song for the sake of time.  It has an amazing beat, as does Disco Science.  Need to tame the volume levels yet on some of these tracks.  Disco Science thunders from the earbuds, young Robert Zimmerman is subdued when Maggie’s Farm follows.

Let’s Get Rocked flashes me back to the summer of 1992 and a complicated tangle with a girl {ChasingCrazy}.  She’d fade to obscurity when I’d meet {SJL} that autumn.  Flash forward to summer of 2002, {ChasingCrazy} calls me out of the blue (I was single at the time) and we had another inexplicable pas de deux which, again, evaporated before I started dating {Diwali} that November.  A blog gets personal ?  That’s unpossible.

Bad Bad Leroy Brown, a fun song I’d heard at the wedding of one of {Diwali}’s old friends many years ago.  Head Over Heels, used brilliantly in a scene from “Donnie Darko”, was also, coincidentally, played at our resort in Cuba the night I proposed to {Diwali} [SPOILER : She said Yes].  I proposed on the beach at sundown; later, as we sat in the warm night air waiting for the evening stage show to start, Head Over Heels echoed out against the hills.  That was May 19, 2005 – also the day that Star Wars Episode III was released in theaters.

I did warn you I obsess over numbers and dates.

Some songs pull you through more than others; You’ve Got The Love has done so at least three times, at the tail end of some tough-ass runs.  I like this playlist and use it frequently, and the second-last track has inspired me to push on when I have little left in the tank.

The Starfury was the go-to fighter-interceptor on Babylon 5, a show you should watch start-to-finish at least once.  Full respect to continuity.

Starfury ("Babylon 5")

Starfury (“Babylon 5”)




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