200/800 Session 2 of 2

Did I say it was cold last time ?  That’s adorable.  Wednesday November 20, 2013 was DEATH COLD.

By DEATH COLD I mean by Vancouver / Lower Mainland standards.  Which, this night, meant -3°C or -4°C as suggested by the display board at the Community Center, and on the Weather Channel.

Not cold by Prairies standards, or compared to permanently-dark craters on Mercury’s poles.  But when running in thin pants and VFF Bikilas, and having to walk damned 800m five times, yes a bit cold.  I ceased to have feet after the first interval.  In fact I considered turning back when about a mile from home, as I became acutely aware that I was effectively barefoot on concrete some degree at-or-below the freezing point of life-giving water.

Maybe it’s the urge to advance and progress quicker.  Maybe it’s the life-stealing cold.  I kept running after Lap 5’s 200m interval and ran the entire 800m until the session ended.  The 5:20 min/km pace includes the deceleration and very slow jog in the first two hundred meters of “Lap 6” I was doing before I decided to up the pace and run the rest of it.  A warm home is good motivation.  Like a garden hose in summer.




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