300/700 Session 1 of 2

Tuesday November 26, 2013.  More rest periods between sessions.  Part of that is smart planning.  Other parts include snow, cold weather, bad weather, and a lot to do at home.

Keeping up with the Anabolic State and the Xpand Extreme Pump.  One or both may be past their “expiry date” if such a thing applies to a product that is not dairy or meat.  The powder is hardening into a solid block; I have to chisel out what I need.  Plan to use up both containers and then consolidate pre-run supplementation to just one or the other when I go back to buy more.  Or I might look into a similar product with a different blend.

Speaking of buying more, I hit GNC during a recent sale and got a new supply of Purple K.  Gold Card stacked with in-store price drop so the box cost me $20-25 less.

This run was chilly, toes frozen (not entirely literally so) but I bundled up better for it.  Really good pace, felt good, ran the last 700m to push up my numbers.  Not far off from a milestone which would be a good cap to the year’s efforts.




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