300/700 Session 2 of 2

Running in daylight.  Impossible, right ?  Saturday November 30, 2013.

Pushing up the distance, enjoying the dropping Average Pace numbers.  Grey, cold, rainy today.  Nice day to make you appreciate how it was back in the summer.  Ran the last 700m.

Haven’t used the GymBoss timer for any of these runs.  Obviously, haven’t needed to, being distance-based.  Last couple times I used it, the GymBoss was sketching out on me.  I set it to Vibrate mode to silence it when using it to time the duration of Achilles stretches I was doing.  At a random point in the interval tracking, the vibration seemed to reset the timer to some factory-default – also losing track of what it was keeping track for me.  Maybe I got it wet, maybe I dropped it ?




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