400/600 Session 1 of 2

Thursday December 12, 2013.  Really mining this whole “take it slow” approach.

We had snow last week.  Thursday the 12th was the first day that the roads were clear enough to manage a run.  What show did remain was in piles or wedged into the gutters.  Still, there were places on sidewalks and roadsides where the sun didn’t reach by day so there was still a slick of ice and slush.  Caution was the order of the eve.  One slip could really mess me up.

Not that I seem cautious from the pacing.  For almost two weeks off, and at 400m intervals, put up an effort to be proud of.  As it was icy and cold out, tho a couple degrees above freezing this time, I changed things up.  Normally I walk 500-600m from home and then start the run/walk intervals.

This time, to save time and get home quicker, I reversed the order.  Walked about 50m from home, began the first 600m walk interval, then ran 400m.  Repeated for 4 more rounds.

This way I end on a run, and not far from home, either.  Down side is, to have done 400+600+400m of running (running the last walk interval as before) would have been way too much.  Had to be content with stock-as-RX’d.

Plan to do two more Sessions this year; should be enough to achieve the milestone.




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