Phase One

Wrote about how I am setting aside the Learn To Run 10k program, and looking at a distance-based progression.

Decided to keep it simple.  Ultimately my goal is to be able to run 12k once or twice a week.  If I can run 12k “comfortably” (those air-quotes don’t adequately express magnitude of folly) then a timed 10k should be a lesser chore.

I’ll start with a three Phase progression.  Phase One will get me to a 5k distance (5  x 1000m).  After that I’ll construct a Phase Two that will build to an 8k distance, then a Phase Three to hit 12k.

One small step at a time :

Phase One

Phase One

This starts way back from what I am used to, and honestly way back from where I am on any given day, past injuries considered.  I have progressed too fast and I recognize it has caused some problems.  So I’ll go at this slow-and-steady.

I’m no expert in running science, or any kind of serious student of classic or modern training theory.  I’m not building in Easy Weeks, or a cyclical progression, or strategic plateaus.  Just a straight-forward program, distance-based, always adding distance and not making any improbably jumps in subsequent sessions.




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