Playlist “Slave-1”

A Sony Walkman is the cargo hold, and Captain Solo is the mix-tape.



What’s the Kill Bill Hero Walk ?  It’s when O-Ren arrives.  Go watch the movie again.  I’ll wait.

Suspect I used I’m Alright on a different playlist, and just now noticed that I put Kenny Loggins and Kenny Rogers in the same playlist.  Which, in some parts of the Universe, must be like mixing pasta and antipasto.  B-O-O-M.

This is a really up-tempo mix.  Not apparently so, with a 9-min GnR pseudoballad and Ms. Fiona Apple slow-dancing the place up; but songs have their own special motivations when they’re a favorite.

One of {Diwali}’s friends, {K#2}, was a huge fan of “Degrassi Junior High” and “Degrassi High”.  To this day {K#2} will seethe with fury at mention of how Joey Jeremiah and Tessa Campinelli hooked up – an affair culminating in a scene featuring yon Gowan track, where they seal the deal.

For those geeks averse to ’80s Canadian-teen melodrama, I give you what you came to see.

Slave-1 ("SW:ESB")

Slave-1 (“SW:ESB”)





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