400/600 Session 2 of 2

Wednesday December 18, 2013.  Finally caught up with the blog and posting in “real time” !!

Cold one out again.  Not rainy, not windy.  Online weather says it’s -1°C right now, an hour after I finished this session.  A few ice patches out there, but otherwise dry.  Full Moon too, making it easy to navigate the green-space footpath.

Lots of descent in the first Lap; that and eagerness to get moving pushed the pace below 4:00/km.  I did feel sluggish, whether due to the cold; or a gap of 5-6 days since the last session; or having sweatpants on under my running pants and working past the constriction.

Ran the last 600m for a full kilometer effort.  Did 400m run then 600m walk this time; not so cold or unpleasant that I had to minimize my exposure.  Picked up a tactical head scarf aka kufiya aka shemagh and wore that to keep my head warm.  When running I found it uncomfortable to breathe through the fabric so I pulled it down as a scarf and it was nice-toasty-warm.

Definitely need to do the 500/500 session due up next, before year-end.  Then at my option I can do more, or take a break and work on stretching and get back into it in January.




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