2013 Year-End

Last run of the year was Saturday December 28th.  Here’s the grand tally for 2013 :

Made it over the 250km mark.  Happy about that.  Hope to do better in 2014.

34,169 calories burned.  This is an interesting number.  Let’s break that down.  That’s roughly (source) the number of calories from consuming  :

2.76 lbs of pure cane sugar


8.22 lbs of Crisco shortening


19.4 lbs of Froot Loops breakfast cereal*


86.6 liters of Coca-Cola


12 Large-size Pizza Hut BBQ Deluxe pizzas**


39 McDonald’s Big Mac combo meals (Big Mac + medium fries + Diet Coke)***


64 KFC Double-Down sandwiches****


107 A&W Teen Burgers****


143 Mars Bar (52-gram) chocolate bars*****


254 slices of generic-brand grocery store thick-sliced bacon


570 Oreo cookies**


3,645 Pringle chips (original / plain flavour)


* I really don’t do breakfast cereal any more.

** On going gluten-free, this item would not be an option for me.

*** The last time I ate from McDonald’s was November of 2001.

**** I have gone all of 2013 without any fast food / drive-thru.

***** I do like my Mars Bars.

Naturally, of course, this assumes that all energy present in a food source is available to the body, which is not so given variables including digestive efficiency and such.




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