500/500 Session 1 of 2

Saturday December 28, 2013.  Last run of the year.

Oh Christmas season, how you ruin the best-laid plans to progress.

It is easy to forget that I am running under 14 minutes per session, under the Phase One program.  It feels like a lot of distance, but time-wise, it really is not.

This will be the last run of 2013.  It proves also two things; one, that I need to run more frequently (enough with these 7-10 day gaps) and two, that I need to stretch way more often.

The pacing is really good, and once I got past that first interval, I felt pretty decent.  500m is not 5 minutes of running; the numbers “look” similar but the reality is vastly different.  I was out in daylight, pre-noon, and intentionally chose the same/similar route as taken in my first runs back in February…through a very rural area, hilly (but hilly in my favour), and sparsely populated with runners or walkers.  Did see a guy on my way back home.  He was out for a run, had the pace and movement of a marathoner (or at least, that of those >50 y/o guys who are naught but endurance-machines).  Gave him a thumbs-up, one back in return.  Do so like the camaraderie of strangers running affords.

I expect to see a lot more people out there after January 1st.




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