500/500 Session 2 of 2

Tuesday January 7, 2014.  Happy New Year and all that.

A new year but the same Phase One program.  Ten days since I went out last.  Really should have stretched in that time.  Didn’t feel sore during the run; in fact I felt pretty good.  Just so happened that at the halfway point of Lap 5, the last 500m of the session, something went very bad in my right foot.  Sharp pain running down the middle of the sole of that foot, feels like the bone is split.  Writing this on Jan 8th, and today wasn’t any kind of fun.  Have I started 2014 with a setback ?  That would suck if I did…

I’ve loosely resolved to be more positive in my outlook on life this year, so let’s get to positives.  Hit a 3:15-min/km moment in the first Lap, and all these laps were sub-5:00.  The foot pain is a magnification of an existing issue (need to replace my work shoes; they’re giving me some hurt) so it didn’t come from form or the VFF’s.  And I went out on a dark and cold and rainy night (new compression wear, and vis-vest, from Xmas!!).  Thankfully it wasn’t the -2°C bitter cold we had on Monday.

I would have liked to have run Tues-Thurs-Sat of this week, but I will have to hold until I can walk any distance without limping.  Need to watch for ‘cascade failures’ – the foot throwing off the knee, which throws off the hip…

But 2014 is under way.  Might be two Color Me Rads in the cards this year.  We’ll see.




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