January 21, 2014

Things have not been well.

The last run I did was two weeks ago today.  It ended in pain.  Something went really wrong in my right foot.  It was still bad by the weekend, so Monday I called the doc and saw her on Tuesday the 14th.

I like her.  We think alike.  She figures it’s a stress fracture, which is the conclusion I had come to, believing this to be worse than a soft-tissue injury.  I got X-rays done and she said she’d call.

It’s now a week since that appointment.  No call yet.  Which means she forgot, or, there was nothing visible on the image.  She didn’t want to cast it, and had suggested it may take 3-6 weeks to heal.  Running on my birthday, as I did last year, may not happen next month.  Actually, a month from today.

Foot still hurts.  Can’t move it thru normal walking-range-of-motion.  Some rare times it is okay, then it goes back to bad.  And a bit of cascade-failure is creeping in; the knees start to hurt because of the limping and the hips are sore because the knees are wonky.  I’m *how* old, again ?

Trying to stay positive, and accept this as necessary down time.  But any movement or stance like my normal running motion (even mimicked when stationary) gives tremendous pain.  Has me really worried.




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