February 23, 2014

My birthday was two days ago.  Last year on that day, I did this run.

The injury was [6 weeks 5 days] ago.  I am not better yet.  Every step is pain.  Even swimming or walking in water when most of my body-weight is displaced.

Chiropractor believes my issue is not a fracture, but Plantar Fasciitis.  He has orthotic shoe inserts under construction for me, which were supposed to be ready in ten days.  “Ready in ten days” being due up more than a week ago.  I have high arches and my chiropractor thinks Plantar support is what I need.

I will have to go back to the doctor, both to follow up on this injury and likely to get a note so my extended-benefits will cover just over half the (considerable) cost of the orthotics.

Barely moved faster than a swift walk since Jan 7th.  This is what I did on this date exactly a year ago.




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