April 1, 2014

No foolin’.  12 weeks to the day since the injury.  Still problems.

Have been wearing the orthotics in my shoes for almost a month, both my work shoes and my casual shoes.  The pain is cushioned but it is still there.  Have an appointment with my doctor on Friday April 4th, at which time I’ll ask her for imaging … X-Ray at least, ideally also an MRI or some kind of soft-tissue imaging if not that.

And it is Spring and the clocks have changed so there’s a lot of really nice daylight and mild weather of no use to me.

But as a positive, I started something new for March.  Every night I did pushups, situps, and squats equal to the day of the month, as below :

Something to keep me active, at least.  I’m going to do the same for April, but 2x the date in pushups.  I really don’t like situps.  I never feel like I get much out of them, except nauseated.  Same with doing Ab Wheels; I should check YouTube and see how to do it exactly right.




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