April 16, 2014

Injury was 14 weeks ago yesterday.  Mild improvement but still nowhere near walking normally, let alone running.

The X-rays must not have showed anything.  Fraser Health called me on Tuesday April 8th and booked me to come in for a bone-scan.

Went for the bone-scan on Friday April 11th.  Actually a very interesting procedure, if time-consuming.  Injected with a Tc-99m tracer at 8am, four hours of down-time, and then three exposures of ~10min each with my feet in different positions.  Interesting to watch on the display screen as the gamma-counts hit the detector and begin to flesh out (pardon pun) a low-res image of the bones.

The tech figured on 5-7 days for the images to be delivered to my doctor.  On Thursday I’ll make an appointment for later next week.  With the Easter weekend coming it’s hard to say if the results will be delayed on that account.

If this doesn’t show anything, I guess we go MRI ?




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