May 8, 2014

This past Tuesday was Week 17 of my injury.  Doc received the results of the bone scan – there is a stress fracture in the cuboid bone of my right foot.  She passed the X-rays and bone scan data to an orthopedic surgeon, whose recommendation was, “get him to slow down”.  I’m amused that two doctors are asking me to not-exercise.  Should get that in writing.

The solution is an air-cast boot.  I’ll wear that for the next six weeks.  For the first four weeks, I’m on crutches with no weight on the foot (exactly three weeks left of this nonsense, as of this writing).  Then for the two weeks after that, I’ll walk on the air-cast, until trying without the support.  At any point after the first month, if there’s pain or a problem I have to revert back one step in the process.

Was about 26°C one day last week.  On my way home I saw an early-20s woman running in what was basically underwear.  I miss running.

Tho once I am better, I’m uncertain if I will start it up again.  Given the meandering collection of injuries I seem to have taken on (from hip to knee to Achilles to knee to foot…) and wanting to put this current injury well behind me, I might be better off switching to cycling.  Swimming would be good but that revolves around the local pool’s schedule, and while biking is the most expensive of the “schedule-free” activities it keeps me in the distance & numbers & cardio game.  Guess I should start saving up now.


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