June 18, 2014

Week 23 of injury.  Air-cast came off last Thursday.  Not to my surprise, but to my dismay at least, my foot still hurts.

Can’t tell if it is the same problem as before, or if it is muscle weakness and lack of use that give the impression I still have pain.  Big toe hurts now, feels like the joint needs to “crack”.  And the pain in the foot radiates along the top, into the ankle as well.

Starting Thursday I will begin stretches, as Physio had given me last year, and start going for walks.  If I can exercise the muscles by stretching and flexing, and work up to 15km a week (3 x 5km sessions) of just walking, I may get some idea if this is a continuation of the same problem or if it was just under-use.

Will give it two weeks at that pace, then consider going back to the doc.  We may have healed the stress fracture, but that might not have been my issue in the first place.




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