June 27, 2014

Week 24.  Or Month 6 if one prefers.

The pain is there when I walk any distance.  Went for a Chiro appointment, Doc realigned my back and hips to fix the effect of lopsided walking with the air-cast.  He says the big toe issue may be what’s known as “Turf Toe” and from his description and some range-of-motion we tried, that would seem the case.

Have to go back to my family Doc.  Almost certain we cured the stress fracture (how could we not have?) but I think the problem may have been soft-tissue all along.  Would like to go back to Physio, that place was great for practical solutions to immediate problems, but I would much rather do so with hard information on what this problem exactly is.

No progress on saving for a bike.  Diwali has been doing an early morning “boot camp” (Crossfit-lite style) off a GroupOn she found.  I’ve gained about 10 lbs and am constantly aware of that fact, tho I try to focus more on state of being instead of raw numbers from a scale.

Not a winner of a week, this one.




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