July 14, 2014. Recovery Walk #6.

Did mean to go for a walk this part Saturday night, the 12th.  But had friends over and we started eating and drinking and oh, did I mention the drinking ?

Very warm out again, hasn’t rained or come even close to raining in more than a week.  Moon like a mandarin-orange rising in the east, waning from full.

Same set pace as when I went with {Diwali}, but I was alone this time.  Won over the Virtual Partner, but just barely.  Somehow squandered a 60m lead in the last mile, but brought it back on the downhill heading home and won by an narrow, but still viable, 15m or so.

Tomorrow morning, an appointment with the Doc.  27 weeks since the hurt started.  On crutches April 29th.  Done with them May 29th, four weeks later.  Air cast came off two weeks after that, June 12th.  Been out of the “boot” for 4 weeks and a few days.  30km walked in that time, not much for improvements.  Let’s see where we go from here.



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