July 29, 2014. Recovery Walk #10.

Amazing how pressing the wrong button on a GPS watch can cause so much hassle.  I just wanted to shut off the Virtual Partner.  Which I did; but somehow that means triggering an obnoxious “SPEED UP!!!” display message, with a shrill chattering alarm, any time my speed drops below the arbitrary pace I’m not following anyways.  Also I have the audio alerts (ALL of them) shut off.  So what gives ?

Then the Garmin decides to go into Multisport Mode, though I did not ask it to, and coallates my Walk #9 and Walk #10 data into one package – which luckily I can extract both data sets from without loss.  And a July 5th walk appears in the data downloaded to my PC, which looks legit but I don’t recall having done it.  Nor did it show up when I downloaded data before tonight.

No word back from the Doc yet about the foot & ankle X-ray.



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